Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro is important because he conquered the Inca Empire in South America.  Francisco was born in Trujillo, Spain in 1475.

In 1503 he moved to Hisponola, the main Spanish port in the New World.

Francisco took part in the first exploration of the Carribean coast of northern South America in 1509.  In 1513 he walked across the from the Atlantic coastline through to the Pacific coastline at Panama, the narrowest link between North and South America.

In 1519, the Spaniards founded Panama City and Francisco became one of its most wealthy and powerful citizens.

In 1524 he began many expeditions to discover the Inca Empire in South America.  He explored Peru in 1527 and robbed the Incas of their gold and silver, and murdering their Emperor.


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  3. If you like Francisco Pizarro you definetly have to go to Trujillo.
    Take a look at this website. I’ve been there and it was an amazing experience. I loved visiting Francisco Pizarro birthplace.

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